Owing to a sensitive issue of the children I feel compelled to advocate them. In the last 10 weeks 4 fatal accidents of swings collapse in amusement parks of Abbottabad, Karachi, Vehari and Multan have resulted in the precious life loss and leaving scores of others injured. Those who passed away or maimed in these incidences were children ———the future of the parents. These swings at amusement parks are run by both private parties and district governments in our society. Our constant failure to prevent a preventable accident is indeed a bad omen for a nation. As a fixed routine, after every incidence—- inquiry committees were set up—— reports were prepared and presented to the concerned authorities—— the end results were—-without any positive outcome —-in fact a further loss to the government exchequer. Let us move for a more practical and pragmatic solution. 

So far, the numbers of accidents are—- out of proportion. As a last option to save the precious life we have to ban this type of recreational facilities at public parks and children play lands with no further delay. 

To date we have badly failed to realize the life losses due to this mechanical recreational apparatus. 

Our other failure in this regard is ——not to outline protocols and regulations for the installation of swings in the parks/children play lands for the last many years although accidents were happening one after another. 

The role of a paid major player called as Parks and Horticulture Authority (PHA) is always missing. 

If we fail in finding a substitute for this recreational activity then this would be the repetition of human errors committed by paid and responsible personal called District Administrators. 


Kurram Agency, August 25.