KARACHI - A large number of eunuchs staged a protest outside Clifton police station against the apprehensions of their fellow eunuchs in upscale Clifton locality on Tuesday.

According to the details, Clifton Division police launched an operation against the eunuchs involved in various sort of illegal and anti-social activities in different areas of the Clifton while arrested some half dozen operation belongs to the eunuch community.

During an overnight crackdown against the eunuchs in parts of Clifton locality police picked up the suspects from areas including Zamzama, Do Talwar and Teen Talwar.

Police managed to arrest around half dozen eunuchs from different areas of the Clifton and shifted to the Clifton police station where the police registered an FIR No. 227/18 under Section 9 of the beggar act on behalf of state.

Police said that the action against the eunuchs have been taken after numerous complaints by the residents. Police said that the eunuchs arrested were involved in begging, stealing cell phones and other valuables from the cars and also involved in other sort of anti-social activities said Clifton SHO Javed Abro.

He said that the police have also arrested six masseurs as well also involved in similar sort of illegal and anti-social activities. The officer said that the police crackdown would continue against such sort of mafias.

Following the eunuchs apprehensions by police, scores of eunuchs gathered outside the Clifton police station where they held a protest against the arrests of their comrades. They also chanted slogans against the arrests as well as police while demanding an immediate release of their fellow members.

Police officials wish to be anonymous said that a large number of the eunuchs residing in the city and found involved in various sort of anti-social activities damaging the social fabric of the society.

He said that they have no other sources of income except begging but the other illicit activities they are promoting in the society creating problems for the society. Police official said that it’s essential to prevent them for such kind of illicit activities.

Bindiya Rana, chairman Gender Interactive Alliance (GIA) termed police action illegal and immoral while warned to hold a press conference over the matter and they would approach the Supreme Court of Pakistan and will hold a protest outside the apex court if such police actions are continue against them in future.