Islamabad-Pendency of official work and incompetence on part of the officers of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has become a source of nuisance not only for its employees but also for other departments, official correspondence between the Authority and the aggrieved departments suggests.

As a result of the incompetence, the employees of the CDA have been suffering and the other departments have been unable to take decisions on important matters where views/comments of the CDA are required. Recently, the high ups of Capital Administration and Development Division approached the CDA to submit views in a number of pending cases while the Wafaqi Mohtasib (Ombudsman) Secretariat also approached the Authority over non-implementation of the Ombudsman’s findings. Most of the cases pertain to the employees of the CDA in which they have sought favour/relief in monetary terms i.e. house building loans, etc. 

The documents suggest that Secretary CADD had convened a meeting on 28 August to discuss the pendency. The 2nd meeting in connection with the subject was held on 6 September. The summaries pending at CDA level include a case pertaining to Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation’s housing schemes. Views/comments on the summary for Prime Minister moved by ministry of housing and works were sought by the CDA in August 2017 but the reply is still awaited. Views/comments of CDA are also awaited at CADD in the case of construction of Bahria University campus in sector H-11/4, Islamabad; provision of land for construction of purpose-build examination/marking centres; and allotment of land for construction of building of National Institute of Human Rights, Islamabad since 2017. The CADD has requested the CDA high ups to give priority to the cases and take appropriate decisions in this regard so that they could proceed further in the case.  

Similarly, Wafaqi Mohtasib held a meeting with the Chairman CDA in July this year in which he emphasized that a large number of cases pending implementation with CDA need a redress in accordance with the recommendations made.

He had suggested that monthly meetings may be held with Chairman CDA to remove the impediments and ensure implementation of the findings/recommendations in accordance with the law. Majority of the cases pending implementation with the CDA since 2011 require involvement of the Member (Admin), CDA. According to the details, Muhammad Ali had approached Wafaqi Mohtasib in 2011 for appointment on “Employees’ son quota” and the ombudsman had given its findings in 2015 but the case is still under process for appointment at the CDA, according to the reply made by CDA to the Mohtasib in the case. Muhammad Bilal Ahmed had obtained the findings in his case of “Appointment on employees’ son quota” in his favour in 2015 but the case is still under process for appointment. Muhammad Manzoor Hussain and others had approached Wafaqi Mohtasib over delay in grant of house building advance in 2014 but the Wafaqi Mohtasib’s findings are still pending implementation. Mst. Zareena Jan had approached the Ombudsman against delay in grant of pensioner benefits and appointment of son in 2015 but she could not get relief from the CDA despite findings in her favour a long time ago. Abdur Rasheed (ex-UDC) had approached the Mohtasib in 2014 against delay in payment of dues but he could not get relief from the CDA till date despite Mohtasib’s directions. Similarly, Anwar Khan, Muhammad Ashraf Shahid, Suleman Baig (ex-blacksmith) and one Abdul Hameed are waiting for implementation of Wafaqi Mohtasib’s findings in their favour as the authority seems uninterested in providing relief to even its own employees. According to the sources in the federal ombudsman secretariat, the findings are not being implemented at CDA despite lapse of significant time period.