There are problems here, there and every where. These problems are multiplied with the passage of time when these are not addressed at the appropriate level and no serious and sincere effort is made at all to solve these problems. When these problems are not addressed and resolved, people get a sense of deprivation and they are grieved and unhappy. 

PTI has come into power for the first time in the Centre and Punjab and retained power in Khyber Pukhtoonkhwah with the power of the vote of the people. The people had voted for PTI for change, prosperity and progress of the country and for getting their problems addressed and solved. 

Problems are first to be identified as to their nature and intensity and then addressed appropriately through adequate measures to provide relief to the people at the earliest. It is also a bitter fact that the problems cannot be solved overnight. But then at least these are addressed and beginning is made towards their solution as soon as possible. 

This is what Prime Minister Imran Khan and his team of dedicated and committed workers have started to do. They have in the right earnest started identifying the problems which are being faced for varying periods by the people both the urban and rural areas. Once these problems are duly identified it will be pretty easy to solve them by taking adequate appropriate effective measures. 

PM Imran Khan and his team have within few days of coming into power have taken important steps for curtailing government expenditures . These measures include PM residing onto a three bed bungalow within the premises of the Prime Minister’s House, as many as 31 bullet proof luxury cars are going to be auctioned in the first instance, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmud Qureshi has vowed not to stay in five star hotels on foreign tours and travel in economy class and lot more 

This in all fairness is a good beginning in the right direction and all the hopes and expectations of the people are either going to be fulfilled or at least a good start made quite rightly with the blessings of Almighty Allah. 


Lahore, August 25.