The Sindh High Court (SHC) on Wednesday ordered Sindh Police to take concrete measures in retrieving the missing people.

The SHC ordered the police to inform the court about the positive results within a month in this regard. A case pertaining to the recovery of more than 25 missing people was heard in SHC on Wednesday.

Justice Niamat Ullah Phulpoto asked the police that when will they retrieve the missing people. He observed that the families of missing people appeared before the court on every hearing, what shall the court tell them?

The Family of Shamshad Ali told the court that he went missing in 2014 and has not been recovered yet. Mother of another missing person told the court that her son, Sheikh Abdul Karim, has been missing since 2016.

The court ordered the police to ensure the recovery of missing person and seek help from other relevant bodies if needed. Later the court adjourned the hearing on cases for one month.