PR LAHORE - Working class has urged to the prime minister and provincial chief ministers to take urgent measures to get implemented their party election manifestos and make efforts to achieve national economic self reliance.

These and others demands were presented in written poster published by Khurshid Ahmed, general secretary of All Pakistan Workers Confederation. It also called upon the government to introduce agrarian reforms and distribute land to the landless peasants and raise the minimum wage to Rs30000 per month and get ensured to revive free medical facilities after the retirement of the workers under Social Security Scheme Ordinance 1965. It was called upon the government to hold National Tripartite Labour Conference which has not been held since year 2011 as required by the principles of ILO Convention No.144 ratified by the Government of Pakistan and get implemented the law by establishing an independent Labour Inspection Machinery in accordance with ILO Convention No.81 ratified by the Government of Pakistan.

It was also demanded to the government to use one trillion and ten billion rupees deposited in the Workers Welfare Fund by the government for providing education to the children of the workers and housing facilities in accordance with the provisions of Workers Welfare Ordinance 1971. It was demanded of the government to freeze the prices of essential commodities and check profiteers and black marketers.