ISLAMABAD-Number of dengue patients admitted in the federal hospitals on Wednesday reached to 50 in past 7 days as the doctors called for effective anti-dengue fumigation in the city to control the increasing number.

Officials from Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) and Federal Government Services (FGS) Polyclinic hospital updating on the dengue situation said that number of dengue fever patients was still increasing.

Dr Waseem Khawaja from PIMS hospital informed The Nation that 32 dengue patients were admitted in hospital which is a huge jump in number of patients. Last week, only five patients were admitted in the hospital, he said. He said that the hospital had so far received 2,000 suspected patients of dengue and 1700 were confirmed with the fever.

He said that mostly dengue patients belonged to rural areas of the city. He said that the city authorities needed to do more effective anti-dengue spray campaigns to control the number of patients in the hospitals.

Meanwhile, Dr Shareef Astori for Polyclinic hospital said that number of dengue patients admitted in the hospital was 18 now. He said that the hospital during the last few days received 75 patients, who were subsequently discharged. However, he said that the number was still increasing.

Number of dengue patients in Polyclinic hospital was also five last week.

He also stressed that city authorities should expedite anti-dengue drives, especially in under developed and rural areas of the city.

He said that dengue larva bred in stagnant clean water and the ongoing season was the most suitable for its breeding.

He said that though special isolation wards had been set up in the hospital for dengue patients but preventive measures were still necessary.

He said that dengue larva will exist until the severe cold weather starts.

Dr Shareef said that religious scholars should be educated to inform people as how to take preventive measures to remain safe from dengue.

He advised public to add citrus in their diet intake if they are suspected or confirmed dengue patient.

So far, in the federal capital territory, 182 dengue suspects were reported from the area of Rawat while 17 from area of Tarlai.

Details added that majority of the dengue cases were reported in allied hospitals of Rawalpindi where the toll reached 629. In all across the country, the virus was confirmed in 979 patients, including 683 of Punjab.