KARACHI    -   Sindh Minister for Information & Archives and Labor Saeed Ghani has said that if Faryal Talpur is not allowed to attend the Sindh Assembly’s session starting from September 13, he along with other assembly members would go to Lahore to remind Punjab Chief Minister his responsibilities.

He said this while addressing a press conference on Wednesday. He said that Faryal Talpur was not being allowed to attend the Sindh Assembly’s session despite the issuance of production orders by the Speaker Sindh Assembly. He said: Faryal Talpur is not a criminal, there were  merely false charges levelled against her which have yet to be proved.”

Ghani said he would go to Punjab on Saturday with other members of Sindh Assembly to protest against discrimination. He said that we were political people and would go to Punjab to protest peacefully.

We were not terrorists to carry out suicide attacks. Saeed Ghani said that for the last few days various claims were being made again to resolve Karachi’s problems in one go.

Ghani said that a new committee for Karachi was being talked about, after a transform committee was formed earlier. He said that the prime minister was asked for Rs 200 billion projects for Karachi, while a package of Rs 162 billion was announced by him. Saeed Ghani said only Rs 12 billion had been allocated for Karachi in the budget presented by the federal government, out of which only three billion would be given to the Sindh government.

The information minister said that before this a flashing glowing Karachi campaign was started, 300 more plants were also claimed to be set up but all these claims proved false claims. He said that the citizens of Karachi till date had been suffering the consequences of Ali Zaidi’s Clean Karachi campaign, which he had tried to get a lot of credit for.

Ghani said that although the claim was made to shift one and a half million tonnes of garbage, but only thirteen thousand tonnes of waste was transported to landfill sites. He said that if the Prime Minister did nothing for Karachi and gave only Rs 162 billion to the Sindh government that were promised earlier, many issues of the metropolis would be resolved.

He said there was open contradiction in the statements of Governor Sindh and Federal Law Minister Farough Naseem about the recently formed committee for Karachi issues. Saeed Ghani said if the Prime Minister was really serious about solving the problems of Karachi then first should find out the truth of the Clean Karachi.

Information Minister said that it was quite possible that after being aware of the reality of the Karachi campaign, Prime Minister might expell Ali Zaidi from the ministry.  He said that without the help of the provincial  government, the federal government could not do anything in Karachi.

The minister said that the provincial government was not taken into confidence about the Karachi Committee. He said he would not allow any alternative system to be made before the provincial government. Saeed Ghani said the federal government would have to work within the purview of the constitution and the law. Information Minister said that 14 committees of Sindh Assembly had been kept vacated so that the opposition could be represented, but the opposition itself has boycotted.

He said that the federal government could not change the Sindh Local Government system. Saeed Ghani said that one should learn a lesson from 30 years of MQM’s politics. He said that when the Sindh government did not know what the Karachi Committee had to do, how could we welcome it? The information minister said that wishes might had been gripping the hearts of the people of MQM and PTI, but before the Constitution desires had no value. He said that the MQM was being used by the PTI.