Lahore - Prime Minister Imran Khan has expressed a historic resolve to internationalise the Kashmir cause and commitment to exposing the fascist face of Indian PM Modi and his Hindutva policy, said Khawaja Aamer Raza, Deputy Secretary Information of Punjab PTI.

“A historic gathering will be addressed by PM Khan in Muzaffarabad on Friday as a protest against Indian siege of Kashmir,” he stated on Wednesday.

He said Pakistan has very well advocated the cause of Kashmiris at Human Rights conference and getting a support of 58 countries is a remarkable achievement.

He said the PTI government will advocate the cause of Kashmiris at every international forum and a day will come when Kashmiris will get their right to self-determination in accordance with UN resolutions.

He said that Modi is a replica of Hitler and his fascist policies are against all Muslims, Christians and Sikhs which is, in fact, the agenda of RSS to make India a pure Hindu state.

Aamer said that the whole Pakistani nation showing solidarity with Kashmiris and is fully behind PM and its Pak Army. “Every Pakistani is ready to defeat the evil designs of India and in case of any aggression, India will get a befitting response, he added.