Indian occupied Kashmir is bleeding. The Indian army atrocity continues with curfew imposed since 22 days. Innocent Kashmiris are arrested from their homes by raiding their houses during the night by armed forces and women are harassed and even raped by the Indian forces. The UNSC is still reluctant to openly blame Indian government. The super powers (P5), except for China, have barely criticized India’s actions and the Arab countries are totally quiet on the matter. Saudi Arabia is silent and U.A.E has decided to give the highest award to Modi for God knows what. The timing of giving this award suggests that they stand with Modi and India, and do not care about the Muslim Ummah. All the Muslim countries have turned their backs on Kashmir, which is tantamount to becoming party to the cold blooded murders and atrocities taking place. Turkey and Iran are the only countries who have openly criticized and condemned India’s brutalities, even though they have close economic relations with the nation.

PAKISTAN: We have fought three wars with India and hundreds of young soldiers were martyred. They left behind mothers and young wives waiting for their loved ones. And now, the world is standing by and quietly watching while we are once again standing on the brink of a fourth war by single-handedly taking a stand for Kashmiris’ rights. Two nuclear powers are standing eyeball to eyeball because if war is started by India, Pakistan will have no choice but to retaliate in a befitting manner - and this war will be so much more costly than the previous ones. This atomic war, if it happens, will kill over two billion people.

KASHMIR: The solution of IOK will not come from the outside world, as it has not done so in the last 72 years. In fact, the solution lies with Kashmiris themselves. The Kashmiris are relying on UN resolutions; they think that burning effigies of Indian PM and making some small protests which are shown around the world is enough to get them the assistance they need. But the hard reality is that no one is going to come to their rescue. Independence is hard fought and comes with a big price; countries do not come into existence by protesting from inside your houses. There are over 140 million Kashmiris in IOK. They need to come out together from their houses in big numbers and resist the occupation, even if they have to stand in front of the army. Any army in the world is in no position to kill 140 million people. Instead of relying on the world, they need to organize themselves and rely on themselves. Once they organize an internal resistance movement and fight the occupiers and yes, get martyred, but also fight back the Indian soldiers with faith in Allah, they will get what they want. Token protests will do nothing; the situation is too far gone for that. The Kashmiris have to learn from the example of Afghan Mujahedeen. They did not go to UNSC or ask any country for help. They fought tooth and nail with two occupiers, both super powers; first they defeated Russia and then the United States.

Only by doing this can they achieve their dream.