The Karachi-based author Fatima Bhutto and actor Mahira Khan are collaborating to promote the new Bhutto book, The Runaways, through multiple events in the United Kingdom. 

The Runaways was officially released in March throughout the United Kingdom. The story follows the lives of three characters from Karachi escaping their homes and families to join the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). 

In an event in London, the Pakistani author discussed her book and outlook on Pakistani politics with Gary Younge,  editor-at-large at The Guardian and the author of Another Day in the Death of America.  

Later, actor Mahira Khan read a passage from the book to the audience. According to Mohsin Sayeed, the journalist who shared the moment on Instagram, this was the first time a Pakistani performed at the National Theater in London.

He wrote, “Mahirah Khan blew everyone away in the audience with her beautiful reading. This was the first time ever that a Pakistani actor performed at the National Theatre in London."