Former Olympian and golden player of his era Manzoor Hussain Junior has said that if the government is reluctant to support hockey or facing financial constraints for doing so then it can only be saved by the business tycoons of the country.

 “Without government support, the future of Pakistan hockey is bleak. There is not a single sport in current era, which can be run without financial support from government or private sector. In such circumstances, I have a plan to take Pakistan hockey back to old glory days.

“If Pakistan’s top business tycoons, including Mian Mansha, Malik Riaz, Jahangir Tareen, Fawad Rana and others, take patronage of one team each (at least six teams), I can guarantee that Pakistan hockey team will not only be playing in Olympics 2024 but also winning matches against top teams,” he added.

He said even any of these tycoons can even single-handedly rescue the national game of Pakistan by taking care of athletes pool and providing them world-class facilities.

“I hope they would come forward for this great national cause and help revive the national game of Pakistan with their financial support. It would be like paying back to the country where they prosper and achieve fortune of their lives.”