Islamabad    -   The provinces are likely to face around 15 percent water shortage in the upcoming Rabi season as IRSA has started drawdown from Tarbela and Mangla reservoirs to meet the province’s indents.

To meet with the provincial indents IRSA has started drawdown of Tarbela & Mangla Dams as outflows have reduced, said Spokesman IRSA Khalid Rana in a media interaction.

According the spokesman, drawdown from Tarbela & Mangla Dams was started and outflows have adjusted to 150,000 cusecs and 25,000 cusecs

As per the indents of the provinces, Punjab indent is 116,000 cusecs, Sindh 140,000 cusecs, Balochistan 14,000 cusecs and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa KP (CRBC) 3100 cusecs, said the spokesman.

He said that CJ Link canal will be closed from September  14, 2019 and Punjab has been directed to draw water from Mangla to feed Trimmu & Sidhnai Canals. According the spokesman, IRSA will start initial working on Rabi 2019-20 criteria from September 20 and accordingly dates of Technical & Advisory Committees meetings will be announced in due course of time. However a source in IRSA said that the provinces are likely to face 15 percent water shortage during upcoming Rabi season.

The Water Accord 1991 empowered IRSA to determine water availability in the country and provincial share twice a year, once for Kharif season and the other for RABI season. Rabi season starts from October 1st, while Kharif starts from April 1st. Since Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa were exempted from cuts in the share, the shortage in water would be distributed between Sindh and the Punjab.

On Wednesday total inflows in rivers were 212000 Cusecs while the total outflows were 206400. Since the first day of Kharif (April 1st) till September 11 total water flow downstream Kotri were 10.937 MAF.

Inflows in river Indus at Tarbela were 126700 cusecs and outflows 126700 were cusecs, inflows in Kabul at Nowshera were 19100 cusecs and outflows were 19100 cusecs, inflows in Jhelum at Mangla were 15600 cusecs and Outflows were 10000 cusecs, Chenab at Marala inflows were 50600 cusecs and outflows were 16900 cusecs.

As of September 11, the total water stored in the reservoirs was 12.183 MAF.As per the reservoir level the data reveals that Tarbela against the minimum operating level of 1392 feet is presently at 1550.00 feet. The maximum conservation level of Tarbela 1550 feet and the live storage on Wednesday was 6.049 MAF.

Mangla against the minimum operating level of 1050 feet is presently at 1222.80 feet. The maximum conservation level of the reservoir is 1242 feet and on Wednesday live storage was 5.887 MAF.

Chashma against the minimum operating level of 638.15 feet is presently at 648.40 feet. The maximum conservation level of Chashma is 649 feet and the live storage on Wednesday was 0.247 MAF.