Poverty is a curse. We all know Pakistan is a developing country. Most of our population living their lives under worst circumstances. According to some reports more than 40% population of Pakistan lives below the line of poverty means 4 out of 10 Pakistanis are living in acute poverty.

There are multiple factors behind this grave situation like Pakistan is facing multiple economic challenges, constantly growth in population, illiteracy and lack of job opportunities. A large number of educated and talented youth from different regions of Pakistan who want to bring some real positive change in the country but their financial and social circumstances are bigger hurdles.

Only government cannot afford to do everything especially when it’s already in economic crunch, then social sector organizations like Akhuwat are doing really a good work in terms of interest-free loans to economically challenged population who have the potential to become valuable part of the society. I believe that we can replicate the Akhuwat model even at individual level if really want to play our role in society building and can take responsibility of one, two or three people and help them grow economically rather just cursing the government all the time. Together we can change the fate of Pakistan.