ISLAMABAD- Illegal hunting of grey wolves, endangered wolf specie, is underway in the Potohar region to breed its female pups with fine breed dogs to produce wolf dogs. According to Islamabad Wildlife Management Board (IWMB) official, it had earlier recovered 3 wolf pups of endangered species in the federal capital which were intended to be illegally moved to Lahore. The confiscated wolf pups were later released in the Margalla Hills as the specie is facing extinction, he said.

There had been no record of such hunting for illegal breeding of wolf dogs whereas this peculiar case had revealed the mafia where no one will be allowed to harm the wildlife species of country. Moreover, proper coordination will be made with provincial authorities to foil such illegal wildlife hunting groups operating in different wildlife national parks as this raid was also made on a piece of information, he said. To a question, he said, “Wolf is an incredible wildlife species as it never embraces subjugation unlike Tiger, Lion and other animals who could be easily tamed and dominated. It is blessed with a very sharp eye sight and strong attacking capability as it can swiftly track and pounce on its target and can slay any living being.”

Wolves had the capacity to hunt animals larger than their size without any problem where they also prey rodents, livestock mostly sheep, donkeys and even would eat locusts, he added

The wolf make pairs only once where both male and female remain loyal to each other throughout their course of life. “It never feeds on dead animals and creatures and also only mates with his paired female which sets the distinctive nature of this animal. If anyone of the pair dies then the remaining companion laments his/her demise by standing at the place of death for three months,” he added.

“Wolf is the national animal of Turkey as it is famous for his special characteristics of valour, loyalty, integrity and better treatment with parents. Wolf is called as Ibn ul Bar in Arabic meaning virtuous son as it hunts for its parents as they grow old and properly look after them.

It also recognizes its offspring as they are birthed by the same parents,” he informed.

The pack of wolves moves in a peculiar manner where the frontline was lead by old or sick wolves who gave pace to the entire herd. The five chosen strong wolves lag behind the older one as first aid and they are followed by the sturdy and alert batch to counter the attack of opponents. The middle portion of the pack includes the remaining wolves and at the end alpha (Arabic term meaning 1,000) hence connoting the one equal to thousand. It was he who keeps an eye on the entire flock of wolves who observes his entire pack and also remains cautious of enemy attack, he mentioned.