ISLAMABAD- The Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Women Wing yesterday demanded public execution of those involved in gang rape of a woman on the Moterway. While addressing a gathering while protesting in front of the National Press Club here, Deputy Secretary General of JI Women Chapter Sakina Shahid said that providing security to women was the main responsibility of the government. The protesters demanded of the government to arrest the culprits and execute them publicly. Sakina Shahid further said that such a cruel act was a black spot on the face of humanity; adding that alleged ignorance of the government in such sensitive cases will yield catastrophic results. On the occasion, Nazim of JI Women Wing Islamabad Nusrat Naheed said that said if the government failed to deliver justice on time then the women they will stand up across the country for the rights and honour of women. She demanded of the federal government to arrest the culprits with no further delay; stating that those who are involved in rape cases were not supposed to be acquitted. She concluded that the women across the country were raising voice for the rape victim and will keep protesting until the justice is delivered.