Prince Charles & Duchess of Cornwall’s spitting image puppets are unveiled

ISLAMABAD -Prince Charles, the Duchess of Cornwall and Michael Gove are among the latest Spitting Image puppets to be unveiled ahead of the show’s return after 24 years. The satirical series will air later this year on ITV and BBC-led streaming service BritBox after originally running for 18 series between 1984 and 1996. Mr Gove’s puppet features his signature thick rimmed glasses, while Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall’s sees the couple dressed in their finery with ‘1st’ and ‘2nd’ place rosettes pinned to their chests. They are joined by ‘karate kid’ Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, who is shown in a full karate uniform with headband in a nod to his much-discussed pastime. The foursome join puppets of Boris Johnson, his chief adviser Dominic Cummings and the Duke of York, which have already been unveiled. Donald Trump, Beyonce, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Vladimir Putin, Bernie Sanders, Elon Musk, RuPaul, Adele and James Corden will also get the satirical treatment.

Mystery of Alfred Wallace’s butterfly is finally solved

ISLAMABAD -Described by the ‘father of zoogeography’ and co-author of the theories of evolution and natural selection, the species hasn’t been reexamined since 1866. An over a century-long mystery has been surrounding the Taiwanese butterfly fauna ever since the “father of zoogeography” Alfred Russel Wallace, in collaboration with Frederic Moore, authored a landmark paper in 1866: the first to study the lepidopterans of the island. Back then, in their study, Moore dealt with the moths portion and Wallace investigated the butterflies. Together, they reported 139 species, comprising 93 nocturnal 46 diurnal species, respectively. Of the latter, five species were described as new to science. Even though the correct placements of four out of those five butterflies in question have been verified a number of times since 1886, one of those butterflies: Lycaenanisa, would never be re-examined until very recently.