Looking back at the week, what stands out in this frustrating city does not match with what was happening outside. In Turbat, Baloch nationalist leaders have been murdered, presumably in continuation of the events which saw the murder of Nawab Akbar Bugti. Probably the most significant thing is that the complicity of the security forces had to be denied by the ISPR, a denial which speaks volumes for those away from Balochistan. It is an indirect reminder of how the same forces boasted, nay crowed, over how they had murdered the Nawab. And almost as soon as the messages of crowing congratulation were issued, were withdrawn, as the then President realized that calling the Nawab traitor was not going to work. So nobody is calling the murdered men traitors, which indicates that their killing might not have been connected to the War on Terror. The protests which have engulfed the province, and which have spread to areas of Karachi, and have not spread to Lahore or Rawalpindi because there are almost, or rather no, Baloch in these cities, have gone to show that a simple apology is not enough. After all, President Asif Zardari apologized to the Baloch people, and it was assumed that he was apologizing for where the trouble started, for the operation against them under father-in-law Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, not for the Musharraf era, when Bhuttos Governor, the Nawab, was murdered. The apology should have meant the start of a new era, and it was up to the nationalists to start one. However, the province remained troubled. We should have gone on exploiting the province as before, without interruption. The deaths have been a tragedy, but do they mean that Balochistan should not develop? All of those organisations which were so anxious to protest the Swat whipping were not visible now that something happened in Balochistan. Was it because they felt that the killings were all right, but not the whipping? Or did they too realise that the killings were not part of the War on Terror, while the whipping was? That Americans would be excited by the whipping, but not the killings? Or were they wondering which event would the dollars follow? Be that as it may, one of those murdered was involved in the case of an American who had been kidnapped while working for the UN. Well, at least someone was involved, and the murders should be an object lesson not to get involved with the wrong side of the War on Terror. It should not be forgotten that Balochistan is targeted, along with part of Iranian Balochistan, to become a separate country, if one is to believe the map doing the rounds. Somehow, that map does not strike me as believable. Or are we supposed to know about the map, and make it a self-fulfilling prophecy? Or are we supposed to ignore the map now that the Turkish Parliament has heard a speech from the Coconut? In Lahore, no one was murdered. Well, Lahore had its usual quota of murders, but there were no known nationalists murdered. The weather refused to heat up, and the weather continued as before, with rain always a threat but not really falling. What was really noticeable was that the electricity was not going, giving all of us Lahorites the wrong impression about the city, which is why when summer comes there will be a different theme, with loadshedding happening until it starts to hurt. At present, the weather is not keeping up with the authorities, who want us to turn on our fans, room coolers and airconditioners, so that when they turn off the power, they should know that we are really suffering. Without that knowledge, and provided that they themselves are enjoying power at the taxpayers expense, there would be little point in turning off our electricity, beyond convincing us that we live in the Third World, and deserve to live there and only there. Even the power supply must be subordinated to the War on Terror, and in this case it means that the power must be cut off. So when this summer we are sitting without any but hand-fans, because the power has been cut, at least we can have the satisfaction that we are contributing positively to the War on Terror by sitting in our sweat. (I suppose youve already heard that 'horses sweat, men perspire and young ladies glow. Well, the power supply made horses out of young ladies last year, and will do so again this year. And men too. They dont really count, do they?) But what will transform life in both Lahore and Quetta will be daylight saving, with the Big Switch meant to be the highlight of next week. The purpose given is that of saving electricity, and is supposed to outweigh building the powerhouses that havent been built, by the Shaukat Aziz government as well as the present Gilani government. Saving electricity has never been so painful. They actually made it worse this year than last, by managing a mid-month switch. The big difference between Lahore and Quetta, it seems, is that the Lahore High Court is taking suo motu notice of adulterated milk, while the Balochistan High Court is taking notice of murder. Well, adulterated milk is another form of murder, if you only knew what went into the white stuff that gets sold in packets. But it seems they are more direct in Balochistan.