ISLAMABAD - President Asif Ali Zardaris political move to refer the proposed Nizam-e-Adil Regulation to the Parliament ahead of signing it into a law has caused fatal blow to the efforts of Awami National Party that sought to please Taliban in Swat rather than stonewalling them. Background discussions and interviews with political sources suggest that President Zardari, who is also leading the PPP has rather made a strategic move not to sign the Nizam-e-Adil Regulation in haste. Political pundits believed Presidents decision would have far-reaching political implications. President Zrdari has acted intelligently to refer the matter to the Parliament, which is a proper forum to decide about such ticklish issues, a PPP parliamentarian told TheNation on Sunday. Speaking on condition of anonymity, he said that the PPP leadership would accept whatever parliament decides about the Nizam-e-Adil Regulation. However, the leadership of the ANP, which is leading the provincial government in NWFP, has expressed its reservations about President Zardaris move to refer the matter to the parliament instead of signing it forthwith. Sources were of the view that President Zardaris move might ostensibly had annoyed the ANP that is PPP coalition partner at the Centre, NWFP as well as Sindh, but the move was equally significant in terms of bailing the ANP out of dilemma to effectively tackle expansion of Taliban in the province. Some sources also maintained that ANP leadership was in tacit understanding with the PPP to bargain on its major demand seeking renaming NWFP as Pukhoonkhwa in lieu of Nizam-e-Adil Regulation. Renaming of the province, they said needed support of two-third majority to amend the Constitution. They said that the Presidents move to refer the issue to parliament would also pacify other political partners including JUI (F), JUI (S) and the PML-N. Nizam-e-Adil Regulation will be presented in the National Assembly when it resumes today (Monday) and the same would be presented before the Senate that would meet on April 17. In a related development, Asif Zardari has summoned a meeting of the PPP NWFP Chapter to brainstorm the issue here today (Monday).