I was shocked to watch the film footage of a 17 years old girl being lashed by three men in a crowd in Swat that was televised by all Pakistani channels. The poor girl was wailing through out but despite being surrounded by a crowd was helped by none. No one condemned this barbarian act nor raised a voice for her. Someone has really done a tremendous job by making a video of this shameful incident with his mobile to show the world the inhuman face of Taliban. Can we imagine such an incident in the 21st century in any other corner of the world? Why didn't a Muhammad Bin Qasim reach the spot to help the poor damsel while the full count of 34 lashes was given to her? What is our identity in the civilized world? Why this country is being driven to the Stone Age by these intolerant and brutal acts? Can't there be promotion of human values? Can justice be promoted by such acts? Supreme Court must take a severe view of this barbaric act and punish the culprits, as Swat is still a part of Pakistan. -ANJUM JAMES PAUL, Rawalpindi, via e-mail, April 3.