Pakistan is going through the most volatile phase of its history. The religious extremists are trying to hijack the progress of our country because of their ignorance of true Islam. Islam has always emphasized on peace and harmony in the world and never encouraged killing of innocent people no matter what the cause may be. The Taliban 'Jihad' phenomenon, however, has been destabilizing the normal peaceful life throughout the country. Educational institutions, hospitals, markets, police posts and pickets, military installations, restaurants hotels and public places, nothing is safe anymore. The present flurry of militant attacks in various cities of Punjab are raising public concern over the efficiency of our security agencies and the soft governmental policies. The government must make a concerted effort to eradicate this grave problem at root by taking strict actions against all Jihadi organizations. It is a proven fact that some of the madrassas in various parts of the province are poisoning the young minds by preaching their own radical version of Islam. The fanatic religious education is putting our future generation at stake by putting them in the hands of the obscurantist forces operating in the province. The need of the hour is to monitor and regularize the working of the madrassas through out the land. The government must formulate a policy to introduce contemporary subjects in their curriculum to balance out the poison being administered through their medieval body of texts. -KOUSAR BATOOL, Lahore, April 11.