NEW DELHI (Agencies) - Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said the ISI is in the process of being restructured in the wake of suggestions that elements of the agency allegedly have links with the Al-Qaeda and Taliban. Now we are in the process of restructuring ISI, he told CNN-IBN in an interview. FM Qureshi said the present leadership of the ISI was very clear of the challenges of tackling terrorism and extremism. He said ISI had made positive contribution in the fight against terrorism and extremism. Without ISIs help you could not have apprehended the 700 or so Al-Qaeda operatives. ISI has done more than any other organisation has done, Qureshi said. Qureshi said he had told US special envoy Richard Holbrooke and Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Michael Mullen about the positive contributions ISI had made in the fight against terror. Making a strong pitch for resumption of composite dialogue, Qureshi said Indias concerns could be addressed only by cooperating with it and not by accusing it. He said India, by refusing to talk, would be promoting and strengthening the hands of terror. The sooner you realise that the better it is for you, he said. He said terrorism and extremism were a global phenomena and friends in India should understand that this is a common challenge and common enemy which needs to be tackled collectively. I understand your concern. You can only address that concern by cooperating with Pakistan and not accusing Pakistan. That negative policy will not be in your interest, Qureshi said. We had in place a process or the composite dialogue. Unfortunately, the tragic Mumbai incident put that on hold. I would be interested in restarting that process because I feel that was a meaningful process, we were making incremental progress, Qureshi said. He said for good relations, the two countries have to address the outstanding issues including Kashmir between them. The Foreign Minister said it was in the mutual interest of India and Pakistan to bring the culprits of Mumbai attacks to justice but his country does not accept conditions. Now, what I am saying is, what we have to understand is, there are no conditions and we would not accept conditions, he said. We want to cooperate with you and we have to move ahead. We cannot do it alone. We can do it collectively, Qureshi said. We had in place a process or the Composite Dialogue. Unfortunately, the tragic Mumbai incident put that on hold. I would be interested in restarting that process because I feel that was a meaningful process, we were making incremental progress, the Foreign Minister said. To a question, he said Pakistan had taken very positive steps with regard to dismantling the terror infrastructure which are not being recognised and you are overlooking them. Pakistani authorities have arrested very high profile people and proscribed some very important organisations. We have seized and we have frozen assets. We have taken a number of steps and this is an ongoing process, he said. Qureshi said Pakistan had also deployed over 100,000 troops on the western border dealing with extremism and terrorism. These are all positive steps to dismantle and to challenge extremists and terrorists. The Foreign Minister said peace on the Indo-Pak border was essential for both the countries in context of fighting terrorism. If there are tensions between Pakistan and India on the eastern border, we lose focus. It is in our mutual interest to remain focused on the western border, he said. When asked about Indias response to the 30 questions posed by Pakistan on the Mumbai attack probe, Qureshi said, Everything has not been answered but we will proceed forward in a cooperative environment. If more is required, we will share it with you, he added. On prosecuting Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi and Zarar Shah, he said Pakistan would build on the evidence supplied by India and ask for more, if required. We will ask for it (more evidence) in our mutual interest. What we need is evidence which is legally tenable (case), he said, adding that Pakistan would use positively all information passed on to them. When asked about Swat situation where deal is under threat, Qureshi said, Its a concern, but you also have to understand that lets not exaggerate things. There are pockets and we will clear those pockets, he added. When asked about President Obamas proposal to establish a contact group for Afghanistan and Pakistan which will include India, Shah Mehmood Qureshi said India was a regional player which could play a positive role and it should play a positive role. To another question, Qureshi said there was a complete consensus among all stakeholders in Pakistan to fight terrorism. Let me tell you, despite modern technology, terrorists have reached far-flung places. They have reached not just Mumbai, theyve hit New York, theyve reached London, theyve hit Madrid, he said.