ISLAMABADChief Monk of Korean Buddhism Cheontae Order Jeon Woon Deok has devoted his life to the promotion of Ghandara civilisation and in this connection, he is going to revive the first-ever university of the world near Taxila. Chief Monk of Korea Jeon Woon Deok in an exclusive chat with TheNation informed that the government response towards the plan of establishing the university at Taxila was quite encouraging and in this context a piece of land had also been provided free of cost. Jeon Woon Deok said that the Taxila and Takht Bhai were among the holy places for Buddhists all over the world and once these places were restored Buddhists from all over the world would pilgrim these sites and start coming here. This would also give boost to the tourism industry and would also project the softer image of Pakistan that is currently marred by the repeated incidents of the terrorism. To a question he said that for Buddhists the Taxila and Takth Bhai were sacred like Makkah for the Muslims and that was the reason he was focusing his energies for their revival and restoration. He was appreciative of the Government of Pakistan support in this connection and said that during his meeting with President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari he was assured all help on part of the government and they had demonstrated it by providing them with 10 acre land if their choice in Taxila where they would rebuilt the university and was optimistic that once again it would turn into a centre of learning like it was some 2500 years ago. He was also planning to establish the research centre for Gandhara Art in the area and scholars from all over the world would be invited here to come here and work with them for the revival of the Gandhara Civilisation. Jeon Woon Deok said that the Buddhist community of Korea, China, Japan and from other parts of the world would provide donations for the project but they would really appreciate if the Government of Pakistan would help them in accomplishing this noble cause. He further said that the project would also help promote tourism in this part of the world and also help project the softer image of the country, which at present was distorted due to repeated acts of terrorism going on in the country. To another question he said that they would try to complete the project in two to three years time and it all depend on the inflow of the funds. Jeon Woon Deok was so committed to the project that he said if need be he would launch the Buddhist march across the Korea, China and Japan to arrange funds for the project.