Prime Minister Gilani is, perhaps, the best-dressed man in Pakistan. No matter what the circumstances the country is in, he must come out wearing the newer selection from his wardrobe. I cannot comment on the shoes he wears since TV cameras do not zoom on them but the rest of him is always so fine-tuned. Sometimes, though, this excessively preened image creates an impression of ostrich hiding from truth. Mr. Gilani is not so good at lying as many of his colleagues in the PPP, some of which are specialists par excellence in this art. Only yesterday he was trying to reassure the nation that there were no differences between Shahbaz Sharif and Governor Punjab. That made me laugh -a lot. Rather than sending Governor Salman Taseer on a long leave to cool off this summer on the Alps; he defends him to please their boss who is somehow committed to keep Mr. Taseer in job for reasons known only to him. I would request the honorable Prime Minister not to defend the glaring wrongs of the PPP otherwise he would lose his own credibility. -ZOHRA HUSSEIN, Hyderabad, via e-mail, April 3.