ISLAMABAD - The Sunday meeting between Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani and Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif, ostensibly an 'all success story, actually failed to thaw ice of suspicion between the two main political forces in the country, the insiders of both parties disclosed to TheNation. These sources said though the meeting ended at a positive note and the matter of PML-Ns rejoining the federal cabinet was delayed till the return of party Quaid Mian Nawaz Sharif from abroad, actually Shahbaz had made it clear to Premier Gilani that the PML-N would only consider rejoining the cabinet once the Charter of Democracy (CoD) was fully implemented and all the distortions and anomalies were removed from the 1973 Constitution. These sources said that Premier Gilani was eager to take the PML-N back in the federal government so that the PPP could have a solid justification to join Punjab government, but the N-League leadership was moving too cautiously and not ready to take a step which could dent its newly achieved popular public image following the restoration of deposed judges. The sources in the PPP said that Premier Gilani was under tremendous pressure, as on one hand he could not manage the return of PML-N back in the federal cabinet, while on the other, President Asif Ali Zardari, who was also party Co-Chairman, was also shifting all controversies to Parliament and in a way testing the abilities of the Premier, as the matters like dealing with Nazam-e-Adl Regulations in Malakand division and evolving consensus on the draft of 18th Amendment bill and getting it through from the Parliament were not easy tasks. The sources further disclosed that diverting the Nazam-e-Adl issue to Parliament and writing of letter by President of Pakistan to Prime Minister for early curtailment of presidential powers were the smart moves which had shifted all responsibilities on the shoulders of Prime Minister and the Parliament to steer the country out of the mess. Some of the PPP leaders, who are also members of the Parliament, on condition of anonymity disclosed to TheNation that the recent moves from Aiwan-e-Sadr had pushed the Premier Gilani in a catch 22 position and it seemed as if certain quarters in the PPP wanted Gilani grilled, as over the past couple of months, he had enormously built his political and public image. On the other hand, Premier Gilani had badly failed to convince the PML-N leadership and it was also not coming to his rescue by joining the federal cabinet and wanted the implementation of CoD in true letter and spirit prior to join the PPP at Centre. The sources in the party disclosed that even in case of fully implementation of CoD, PML-N leadership would take approval from its parliamentary party for rejoining the federal cabinet. However, during the luncheon, Shahbaz Sharif had assured complete support to the federal government while sitting on the Opposition benches and expressed his willingness to keep the PPP on board in Punjab government. The political analysts said that keeping in view the draft proposals prepared by PPP and PML-N for removing anomalies from the Constitution and a few bills already tabled in both of the Houses of the Parliament by PML-Q and MQM in this connection, it appeared extremely difficult to evolve consensus on the proposed amendments and their subsequent passage from the Parliament, which required two-thirds of strength in both the Houses.