CORONATION Street star Samia Smith has admitted that she feels drained following her recent depressing plotlines. The actresss alter-ego Maria Connor gave birth to a lifeless baby boy after six months of pregnancy in early 2008. Later in the year, she faced further heartbreak when her husband Liam (Rob James-Collier) was killed. Speaking to the Sunday Mirror, Smith revealed: Its been a good 18 months of solid misery. Its quite draining really, having to think really depressing thoughts for 12 hours a day, all week. I cant muck about in the green room like I used to, I dont have the energy to. Ive found that its better to just sit in my dressing room and read a book and be quiet for a while. Ive become a bit of a hermit. Discussing the impact on her social life, she added: Im doing this all the time, and Im really tired. Luckily Ive got good friends, who understand. DS I have to try to smile a lot in my real life. I put lots of loud music on in the car on the way home. DS Smith has previously insisted that she was pleased to adopt a grim new look for the storylines.