ISLAMABAD- The prevailing security situation in Islamabad has taken toll on business activities creating unrest among the businessmen. Frequent terrorist attacks in recent days on Special Branch Police Station in Sitara Market and FC camp near Jinnah Super Market have further deepened residents concerns regarding their security. In addition, recurrent announcements by the government about entry of suicide bombers in the city has further add to their worries. The fear of anti-social elements has now been knocking at the doors of educational institutions, too, resulting in parents reluctance to send their children to schools, especially those associated with international chains, after they observed closure on Friday due to terror threats. The business community of the city has dual concerns; fear of terrorist attacks and loss of their businesses. While talking to TheNation on Sunday, Malik Sohail, traders representative and owner of a restaurant in Blue Area, said that every citizen was worried over the deteriorated law and order situation and the prevailing uncertainty. He said hoax calls and governments announcements regarding security threats had taken toll on their business. He further said that weekends usually registered heavy business in the city, but this Saturday it seemed as if curfew had been imposed in the city. He called for taking the business community on board while devising a new anti-terrorism strategy for the federal capital. He also urged the business community, especially multinational organizations, to come forward and assist security agencies in maintaining law and order in the city. President Melody Food Market Salahuddin Khan also commented on the poor security situation saying, By the Grace of God, 15-20 percent of our business still survives, Khan responded to a query ironically. He said business in 2009 was perishing as compared to last year. Working class, too, is confused and terrified. A public servant on anonymity observed that his responsibilities compelled him to perform his duties, otherwise, he said, he would have given up his job much earlier. He said his family remained restless until he was back home safe and sound. Tayyiba Haq, a resident of F-11/3, said her sister was worried for her children studying in a foreign school. Her sister, she said, was confused either to compromise her childrens security or future. Tayyiba observed that the security threats to school systems would result in total collapse of the society, as, she said, no society could survive without education. She said government was escaping its responsibilities and veiling its incapability by repeatedly trumpeting that terror attacks could not be prevented.