I am a student of CA doing my articleship in Faisalabad. Through these columns, I wish to draw attention of the concerned authorities towards the problem of unemployment in Pakistan. The unemployment has become very rampant in our country at present. There are too many applicants for too few jobs. In a society where the major criteria for a job is 'who you know' rather than 'what you know', the chances of even the worthy graduates from the poorer segments of the society breaking into employment are bleak. Massive downsizing in the public sector is also eroding scope of jobs for new entrants in the market place. Tens of thousands of graduates leaving the universities every year are finding it harder to find suitable employment. Unemployment undermines the economic and social stability of the society and the countries that fail to provide gainful and secure employment to their people invite political instability, social unrest and economic insecurity. The link between unemployment and crime has also been well established. The socio-economic fall out of the high unemployment rate in Pakistan is evident from the drastic increase in heinous crime like terrorism. Lack of peace and rule of law in turn undermines the very basis of all industrial, economic and trade activities, as is the case at present in our country. The government should make efforts to push the economic growth higher. For this purpose, an economic stimulus package should be announced for revival of the industrial sector and to stimulate production and investment. -ASIM HUSSAIN, Faisalabad, via e-mail, April 3.