ISLAMABAD - The text advertising might be mushrooming as a popular source of publicity yet numerous cellular subscribers are irked with the frequent unwanted texts they receive by their respective networks. A large number of cellular scribers are facing the problem of unwanted texts at the hands of cellular companies, TheNation witnessed. Such texts that aim at promoting newly launched call packages, SMS rates, horoscopes, internet packages and other related updates are frequently sent by the cellular companies without the consent of subscribers. Some subscribers who shared their views with this correspondent in this regard reported that such texts sometimes turned out to be offensive, as they could not be blocked. If we get unwanted texts or hoax calls from any particular user we can get his number blocked. On the contrary, we dont have any option but to bear with the unwanted texts when they come from our network, nevertheless how informative they be, reported the users. It is worth-mentioning here that the majority of new mobile sets contain the option of blocking unwanted calls and texts. However, the cellular sets lack the option of blocking any text that is sent to a cellular user by the cellular network he subscribes to. Some people like being updated on their mobile phones about latest call packages and updates. But whats the point in bothering majority of users again and again who doesnt want such texts? opined a prominent jeweller Altaf Rana. Another exasperating factor reported in this connection were the odd timings of these text messages. It has frequently been witnessed that the texts sent by the mobile companies to the users are sent round the clock. At times, the users receive texts at late night hours when they are sleeping or at wee hours when they are occupied with important day-to-day affairs. The other day I woke on a text message at 2 am. I rushed to my mobile phone thinking lest its an emergency. However, it was a text from the cellular company saying that the internet settings on my cell have been configured and activated. It drove me mad with anger reported a journalist. He said that he had lodged the complaint with the concerned help line, the next morning, but to no avail. I requested them not to send me any such texts as I really dont need them but my requests are falling on deaf ears he lamented. Another user mentioned that he changed his mobile connection due to excessive junk messages but the idea didnt work as he keeps receiving the similar kind of texts at his new connection. Several other users reported that they kept on asking their respective cellular help lines not to send any text message from the network. However, the cellular companies do not seem to comply with the demands of the users, who perceive the phenomenon of unwanted texts as a violation of their basic rights. When contacted, representatives of cellular companies, asking for anonymity, confirmed that the disgruntled cell phone users kept calling them while asking not to be bothered with texts. Very often do we have to bear the brunt of the users wrath but we cant help it. Its something related to our marketing management, they reported. An official from the marketing team of a prominent cellular company said that the newly launched updates were sent to multiple users at a time, which might have created disturbance and nuisance for those who didnt want them. We try not to bother our users, they stand very respectable to us. However, at times it gets difficult for us to differentiate as to which group of users want texts and which group doesnt, he mentioned adding Pakistan is an arena of intensive competition as far as telecom sector is concerned. Every cellular company aims at attracting maximum number of users and might err in the process.