There are certain things one should never say to a woman. Here they are: Dont ever say in front of women that there arent any irreplaceable ones. It could happen that they would replace you sans letting you know about it. Never tell a woman how great she looks when you are on the phone. Never tell women small lies. Save your strength for important stuff. If you have something you dont need, never throw it away. Offer it to a woman. Let her throw it away herself. Never ask a womans opinion on any issue. She will give it to you anyway. And not just one time. And not just one opinion. Try to avoid the unexpected. Remember, the best surprise for a woman is the thing of which you told her a month ago and of which you reminded her every day since then. Under no circumstances should you let a woman for second suspect that you are capable of washing the dishes. Never call a woman by your best friends name. Never use logical arguments when you are speaking with a woman. Remember that in such cases you appear to her a complete idiot. Dont give a woman ambiguous compliments. She will always take it the wrong way. Never tell a woman that she is the best thing youve ever seen. She could actually believe you. Never try to explain to woman why you love her. She will never understand you. Finally, remember: there are many women, but there is only one of you. CN