LAHORE PML(N) Quaid Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has asked the Chief Minister NWFP, Ameer Haider Khan Hoti to play his due role in handling the violent reaction shown by the Hazara people in the wake of renaming NWFP. In his message to Hoti, Nawaz Sharif expressed a deep sense of grief and sorrow, as well as concern over the death toll in Abottabad as a result of police firing on a peaceful protest rally, and asked him to play an active role in calming down the charged sentiments of the Hazara people so that their anger on renaming NWFP, may not turn into a confrontation and fight. The PML(N) Quaid also urged Hoti to take action against the police persons who opened fire on the innocent protesters, causing casualties and injuries and that the actual motive behind the incident should be brought to light and the culprits punished strictly. According to him, a peaceful protest is the democratic right of every citizen and the response should be manifested through argument and logic and not the bullet. Expressing his deep sorrow over the current scenario, he said, the PML(N) had already sounded an alarm to the authorities concerned and making it clear to them that renaming a province is a highly delicate and complex matter, therefore, the same should not be tagged with the abolition of 17th Amendment of the Constitution. Nawaz Sharif said he has, time and again, requested for settling down the issue of naming NWFP with consensus and amicably without the condition of prescribing any time limit in this behalf. He said his party wanted the name issue of NWFP to be sorted out patiently and with input of all without showing any haste. Had our word been honoured at that time, the situation facing the country today could not have happened, he asserted. Nawaz Sharif, through a statement, has urged all political parties, their leaders and workers, civil organisations, intellectuals and the people of Hazara and Abottabad to cooperate with one another to reach a peaceful solution to the issue. He said every problem has a solution and the one relating to NWFP can also get one if all stakeholders join their heads together. Nawaz Sharif also asked the Constitutional Reform Committee and its members to come forward to lower down the inflamed sentiments of the people of Hazara. He has also directed the PML(N) Parliamentarians from Hazara and the relevant party leaders, to act to lower down the public fury. He asked them to contact the victim families in a bid to provide them medical and other facilities. He also asked the party persons to donate blood for the injured people.