ISLAMABAD PML-Q is going to develop consensus between the political parties sitting in the Parliament on the 19th amendment giving more autonomy to the provinces and proposing financial autonomy to the Election Commission. PML-Q legislator Marvi Memon said that for building consensus on the 19th amendment, she was contacting different Parliamentarians. She added that in this regard some of the Parliamentarians have also contacted her and she was quite hopeful that all the parliamentarians would join this move. Marvi also informed TheNation that a Senator from JUI would move her 19th amendment in Senate. However, she did not mention the name of the Senator. I have found a Senator from JUI who is willing to push my 19th amendment in Senate, she said. She was of the view that after the 18th amendment there were still some unsettled issues like provincial autonomy, parliamentary democracy and good governance. She had already moved some amendments in the National Assembly on April 7 proposing full proprietary rights of natural resources for provinces, setting the strength of federal cabinet at 5 percent rather than 11 percent. She had also proposed to make provincial languages as national languages for inter-provincial harmony. To make the elections process more transparent, she proposed that the Election Commission should have the financial autonomy. She proposed that the internal elections in political parties should be mandatory while 10 percent quota on general seats should be given to women. However, it is worth mentioning here that on the day when the National Assembly passed the bill, Marvi Memon did not move these amendments despite she had submitted these in the NA secretariat. Marvi further proposed that no person should be given in the custody of any foreign country from Pakistan without permission of provincial High Court while for good governance a minimum wage should be increased according to the inflation.