LAHORE PML-Z Head and former Federal Minister Ijazul Haq has urged the Chief Justice of Pakistan to form a judicial commission to probe the tragic incidents hit the country right from Dhaka Fall to the recent ones to know who were responsible for them and award them punishment under the law. If system has to be streamlined and the country has to be given good governance, an independent and bold accountability system capable of summoning from the president to the peon under the supervision of judiciary is a must, he added. Addressing on issue of the day Muslim League, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and 18th Amendment at Hameed Nizami Hall here Monday, he opposed the 18th Amendment in the context that it was not properly debated in the House rather the decision of 27-member committee of the parliamentarians had been imposed on the whole nation. In his view, implementation of the amendment as well as Constitution is what really matters for good governance. Addressing to PML-N, he said this party was dead against the acts of former dictator, Pervez Musharraf and wanted to get him penalised by for that under Article 6 of the Constitution. He said the PML-N should come out of the Assembly if it feels this article is not being implemented and struggle make this provision of the Constitution operational. He said here the question was not of the Constitutional amendment, but good governance which, he added, drastically lacked at present and unless that was addressed the situation would remain the same now matter the rulers would bring 36th amendment. Ijazul Haq citing example of the Gujrat elections which saw division of votes between two Muslim Leagues maintained that he would embark upon a forceful venture for the unity of all Muslim Leagues. He said he did hanker after any seat in the House nor any ministry or office but he wanted unity of all Leagues as it was the need of the hour. Along with a media team I would go to see Nawaz to convince him on the Leagues unity and if he would not allow him entry he would address a Press conference outside his residence, Ijaz said with a flair of commitment, adding the same exercise he intended to undertake to meet Pir Pagaro. He said time demanded of us all to sit together and find out solution to problems, which have now become cancerous for the country. Ijaz expressed serious opposition to the name Khyber-Pakhutunkhwa and said the name had laid the foundation of naming provinces on ethnic basis which was not good omen for the country. Now the Hazara people are demanding a separate province for themselves. He said if the benchmark of language was set for naming a province, things would not stop anywhere and the trouble to continue. He called for holding a fair referendum on Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and betted that crores of people would vote against the KP which he said, was the demand of only ANPs choice. He said he would not let anyone to make a mockery of the country and the Constitution only to please himself. Ijaz said it was a pity that a poor country like Pakistan, where people were facing 18 hours loadshedding daily, was feeding a large cabinet at the cost of basic needs of the masses. He challenged the government claim on power shortfall and said it was around 1000/1500MW that could be easily managed by dividing power loadshedding at one hour to every class of people if the government shed its greed to earn commission and kickbacks through rental power plants making huge power shortfall as a pretext. He said loadshedding hour should be equal for everyone from President to a common man without any discrimination. He appreciated Nawaz Sharif efforts to make Pakistan nuclear and said, however the misdirected and poor policies of the government were failing investment in the country now. He said today the rulers were totally in the lap of America and instead of fearing Allah Almighty they were afraid of America which, he added, had long set its eyes on denuding Pakistan of its nuclear capability and it was nearing the target. He said 2010 was the year of the anti-Pakistan forces to break the country but, he added, they would resist their efforts tooth and nail and Pakistan would inshah Allah stay on the globe. Ijaz on deleting the name of his father Gen Ziaul Haq in the Constitution said, Zia also put in Articles 62 and 63 besides making the Objective Resolution a part of the Constitution which the rulers cannot undo. He said now if 'N' wanted to implement High Treason Article 6 of the Constitution make its use against the former dictator who is alive so that it comes to know how far the present Constitutional package can take effect.