Here is an exciting story that appeared in the press about poor students of three public sector schools in Narowal district of Punjab who arranged for their school furniture themselves. They were motivated to do so by the Chairman Chief Ministers Taskforce on Elementary Education Punjab, Raja Muhammad Anwar, who saw these students sitting on the bare floor during his visit to the government schools in Narowal and urged them to start a campaign for community participation in their area. The students, having collected their own pocket money, campaigned vociferously and succeeded in arranging sufficient funds for buying furniture for their classrooms in a short period of time. The 2200 students of Government High School, tehsil Zafarwal in Narowal collected enough money to get the necessary furniture, get the school toilets & boundary wall repaired and also added an additional classroom. Likewise, 500 students of the Government Elementary School, Aima Qazian (Narowal) collected Rs. 70,000 and students of Government High School Sadohwalla (Narowal) collected Rs. 35,500 to purchase necessary furniture like tables and chairs for their classrooms. These courageous students and their teaching faculty deserve all praise for their efforts. This effort is an example for the students of 64000 government schools in Punjab province as our schools infrastructure badly needs complete overhauling. Despite best government efforts, 99,000 teachers are deprived of chairs, 2500 school buildings require necessary repairs and renovation and 12000 educational institutions are deprived of the basic facility of toilets. This is the state of affairs in the largest province of the country. While Punjab CM Shahbaz Sharif seems committed to improve this state of affairs, he just does not have the funds. He should promote this 'Narowal model of self-help in other districts of the province. -QUDRAT ULLAH, Lahore, April 11.