ISLAMABAD Chairman PTI, Imran Khan, has expressed his deep regrets at the upsurge of violence in Hazara Division in opposition to the renaming of NWFP and called on all political forces to desist from exploiting this human tragedy for political purposes. Instead, he called on the leaders of all parties to reconsider the whole issue of renaming of NWFP and find more democratic means of resolving the issue while giving all the people a right to exercise their choice. In a statement issued here on Monday, Imran said in this context the only solution is to have a referendum on the renaming issue rather than through a forced tyranny of the majority in Parliament. Condemning the constant back and forth policy of Mian Nawaz Sharif on this sensitive issue, Imran said instead of taking a principled position he allowed personal temptation to overtake him and now he has done another about turn by raising the issue of the rights of the people of Hazara. He also said that another dangerous trend that is being politically fuelled at this critical juncture is the idea of more provinces. The issue is a heavily debated one and needs to be examined positively but this is not the time. The country is already being torn apart by a lack of security and challenges to the very existence of the common man. And basic survival issue need to be focused on at this time and place, he said. He called on the political leadership to stop diverting from the real issues that are making the lives of ordinary people a living hell. Ever-spiralling prices of necessities, increasing loadshedding in the face of increasing heat, food shortages and water deprivation are the issues that are pushing the masses to the edge and that are being ignored by the leaders of the day, he said. He also urged all political parties to come together to resolve these issues on an emergency basis, overcoming their petty interests and ambitions. This country has a vibrant civil society and abundant resources. It needs to overcome its leadership deficit so that the people can have their hopes realised in a democratic fashion, he said.