RAWALPINDI - Terming it an attempt to curb the independence of judiciary, the legal community has announced to launch protest drive against the proposed process regarding appointment of judges in 18th Amendment. General Secretary Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) Raja Zulqarnaim, SCBA Finance Secretary Sheikh Ahsan-ud-Din, Lahore High Court Bar Association (LHCBA) Rawalpindi President, Zulfiqar Abbas Naqvi and District Bar Association Rawalpindi, President Malik Waheed Anjum made this announcement while addressing a press conference at here on Monday. Addressing on this occasion, representatives of the Supreme Curt Bar Association, and Rawalpindi lawyers vowed that the lawyers were ready to defend the hard-earned independence of judiciary. Advocate Raja Zulqarnain criticised the establishment of the Judicial Commission and Parliamentary Committee for appointment of judges and remarked that the Amendment was meant to bring the judiciary under the control of Parliament, as independence of judiciary was not acceptable to the rulers. The representative of the SCBA said that the 18th Amendment was originally initiated to undo the changes made by the military dictators in the Constitution but the present political leadership also decided to amend the way of judges appointment, as they could not accept independent judges in the superior judiciary. He said that the procedure was adopted in 1973 Constitution by the leaders, who were gifted with more political and legal wisdom and understanding than the leaders presently governing the country. The method was not changed in the last 37 years and it was now being changed only to serve the vested interests of the political leaders, Advocate Zulqarnain said. Responding to a question that the amendments are being backed by those political parries that supported the lawyers in their struggle for restoration of sacked judges, the lawyers leader said it was the legal fraternity that initiated, kept alive and brought the movement to the logical conclusion. He said the political parties sided with lawyers, as it suited their political agendas and now they had changed their ways but the legal fraternity had only agenda of having independent judiciary that they would always follow. Speaking on the occasion, the representatives of both high and district bar associations of Rawalpindi vowed to become a front line in the struggle for independence of judiciary and against the proposed amendment. They said that the consensus was being developed among the bar associations across the country regarding protest against the planned amendment and the final line of action would be announced to force the Parliament not to change the method of judges appointments.