ISLAMABAD Federal Minister for Science and Technology Azam Khan Swati Monday said the incumbent governments rulers have no interest in resolving the issues being confronted by the people at large as their priorities are not in line with the development needs of the country. The incumbent government including me are not properly taking interest in resolving the matter of people, Swati said in an exclusive interview with TheNation here. The Minister was of the view that there was a contradiction between the national agenda and the priority of the government in a situation wherein Pakistan is facing enormous challenges and cant afford irresponsible behaviour of the rulers. Mere tall claims cannot change the fate of the country as some solid steps is need of the hour, he said. Expressing his serious concern over the priority of the incumbent, the Minister said he had no much interest in performing as Minister in the present government. As earlier he had even told categorically to the Prime Minister that he wanted to step down from as minister, suggesting him to also take charge of Minister for Science and Technology and keep him along as State Minister or Advisor. We have to take things seriously for the development of the country. I, even do not hesitate to speak in the cabinet on the working of the government, said Azam Swati who was inducted as a Minister for Science and Technology on JUI(F) quota. He said that the government should have allocated enormous fund to Ministry of Science and Technology to impart science and technology to youth of country. How can the important Ministry of Science and Technology produce good results when only Rs 650 million were given in nine months, he said adding that this was a meagre amount to solve the plethora of issues. He said that a number of countries are marching towards prosperity because of their policies and priorities, he added. He further criticized that the country was already facing much challenges and shockingly in given circumstance Rs 30 million per year rent was being given for the office of the Ministry. This amount can be spent somewhere else for the development of the country, he viewed. Talking about the longstanding delayed projects of his Ministry, Azam Swati said that 38 small projects including biotech, renewable energy and safe drinking water could be handled even with Rs 250 million. Around two weeks before the Minister while talking to the media had lashed out at the practices of the incumbent government, saying that he felt himself stranger in the cabinet.