WASINGTON Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has linked the nuclear non-proliferation, safety and security with global adoption of a non-discriminatory policy for peaceful uses of nuclear energy. We believe that the objectives of nuclear non-proliferation, safety and security would be better served if the policy of non-discrimination is adopted across the globe for peaceful uses of nuclear energy, Gilani said while taking to the American media here on the sidelines of the first ever Nuclear Security Summit. Pakistan rightfully expects the US to adopt non-discrimination in terms of civil nuclear deal with Islamabad, he said and added, Our country faces the worst ever energy crisis with serious implications for our national economy and consequent unbearable hardships for people who are experiencing over 15-hours power outages in over 45 centigrade temperature. According to the PM, Pakistans energy needs are growing with every passing day and we are already running against time to explore viable options to meet the energy demands for our socio-economic development. The civil nuclear power generation hence is an essential requirement as our national energy security strategy, he maintained. Besides, we need greater market access to the US for our exports through early passage of long delayed ROZ regulation and preferential arrangements to address the restive unemployment, which is directly related to the phenomenon of militancy. According to the Prime Minister, Pakistan has been a fervent supporter of non-proliferation. Its nuclear doctrine hinges on responsibility, restrain and deterrence. We have always supported efforts for creation of nuclear-free world, he added. The Prime Minister told the American journalists that Pakistans successful military operations in Swat, South Waziristan and elsewhere have surprised even our friends. It is the result of our national determination and sacrifices of our valiant Armed Forces that terrorists are retreating. Their control and command structures and training camps have been destroyed. Our people have let it be known that they would not allow a handful of extremist bigots and terrorists to represent our peaceful way of life and our inclusive culture, he maintained.