KARACHI An international hockey umpire narrowly escaped fatal head injuries when an upset hockey player twice swung his stick at the supervisor during Habib Bank and Sui Southern Gas league match of the NBP 57th National Hockey Championship here Monday afternoon at the HCP. The match had hardly entered the 10th minute when Sui Southern Gas defender Muhammad Javaid upset by an umpiring decision swung his stick twice at international umpire Haider Rasool. Luckily for the umpire, the first swing missed his head and the second hit him in the arm which injured him. The incident that occurred inside the SSGC circle happened so quickly that none of the defenders of the Sui Southern Gas had the chance to intercept their colleague. Muhammad Javaid was upset when the umpire showed him a caution card. Instead of accepting the decision, Javaid lost his temper and behaved in most unsporting manner which could have ended with severe injuries to the umpire. Haider Rasool, who had suffered injuries in the arm, went to the jurys table and expressed his ability to continue the match. Reserve umpire Zulfiqar Hussain took the field as replacement. Later, the disciplinary committee of the national championship immediately slapped ban on the player from playing in the championship and has recommended to the PHF to take further action against the player. The sports in-charge of the SSGC will also be informed about the act of indiscipline of the player with recommendation to take suitable action him. The behaviour of Muhammad Javaid has brought to memory similar kind serious incidents in which reputed players had attacked umpires with hockey sticks. Naveed Alam had hit umpire Salman Zaidi on the head during a championship in Peshawar. Umpire Zaidi fell unconscious on the ground and was saved when other players ran to rescue the umpire as the infuriated player stepped forward to hit the umpire lying on the ground helpless again. Naveed Alam was banned for two years but the ban was later reduced to six months. Pakistans reputed winger Kaleemullah had committed almost the same act when he attacked an umpire in a championship in Lahore. He was also banned for two years but he left international hockey before the completion of the ban period. Violence has occurred on field in national hockey because of the soft attitude of the PHF which has avoided giving exemplary punishment to those who tried to attack opponents with premeditated intention to injure the opponent grievously. The PHF in the past has always acted softly whenever an action of severe indiscipline was reported by tournament organising committee. This had encouraged players to engage in acts that only bring bad name to the sports.