I am a citizen of Pakistan and patriotic enough to have chosen to stay in this country even when I had the means and resources to move elsewhere. This; however, does not mean that I agree with things here and that I dont have to fight the daily battles we all have to in this country. One recurrent issue being faced by us all is the lack of decent customer services. We are so pathetic in this regard that one is exasperated. This is why when I walked into a one-stop shop in F 7, a Customer Service Centre of PTCL, I had little hope of being served well. But I was not only pleasantly surprised but amazed at the cooperation, cordiality and expert advice and service provided. I want to express my appreciation to the PTCL and let me say it is due in all aspects of their service. That life can be made so simple, easy and efficient with excellent customer service is something I had never come across in my years in Pakistan. Keep up the excellent care you provide You have won a brand ambassador for life. As a well-known and established artist in the media, I am your spokesperson on the ground from now on. -NADIA AFGAN, Islamabad, April 12.