LAHORE The flames of bloody unrest in Abbotabad after the renaming of NWFP may spread to other parts of the country, as the demand for new provinces on ethnic lines is likely to grow stronger in other federating units of the country as well. The renaming of NWFP as Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa ignited violence in non-Pashtu speaking areas of the province on Monday, as 16 innocent people lost their lives and scores of others were reported injured so far in Abbottabad. The demand of the non-Pashtu speaking nationalities of the NWFP for reconsidering the new name has to be addressed on an urgent basis in order to block the way of those forces who are aspiring for Greater Pakhtunistan, Greater Balochistan and Greater Punjab. If the demand of non-Pashtu speaking nationalities is not accepted today, the voices for Seraiki province and other ethnic identities are likely to grow stronger, which would assist the separatist elements in Balochistan to advance their agenda. The Baloch nationalist parties have held since long that the Pashtu speaking population should merge with their Pakhtun brethren in the NWFP or demand a separate province in the northern parts of the Balochistan. Similarly, the Sindhi nationalists are saying that Sindh belongs to the sons of the soil and no non-Sindhi should have the right of vote in their province. The above mentioned point of views of various nationalist and separatist forces can compel the Baloch population in Sindh to demand a new province on ethnic lines or for merging into Balochistan. If the same chain reaction starts in Punjab, the slogan for a Pothohari province can also be raised after the Seraiki province. At the moment, all the factions of Pakistan Muslim League, excluding the PML-N, JUI-F and JI are opposing the new name of the NWFP. During the process of approval of 18th Amendment, the PML-Q had written a dissenting note while the JUI-F and JI, keeping in view the serious turmoil in Hazara Division, have joined the cause. The supporters of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa include the coalition partners of the incumbent government and all the nationalist parties. However, the PML-N is in a fix after the bloody riots in Abbotabad and has started reconsidering various options. Senior PML-N leader Pervez Malik while talking to The Nation said after the chaotic situation in Abbotabad, his party was reconsidering the new name and their leadership could contact the ANP top brass in this regard to settle the issue and to contain the violence from spreading to the country at large. He appealed to the people of Hazara to remain calm and to contact their elected representatives for raising their voice in favour of their demand instead of taking the law into their own hands. Pervez also appealed to all the political parties for playing their due role to solve the sensitive issue. Talking to this correspondent, central leader of ANP Ehsan Wayne alleged that supporters of undemocratic forces were behind the unrest in Abbotabad in order to work their agendas. When asked to name those forces, he said Ch Shujaat, Ejazul Haq, Saleem Saif Ullah Khan and Umer Ayub were the key conspirators of the turmoil in the Hazara belt. He alleged that they were fanning the politics of ethnicity in order to pave the way for another martial law in the country, as leaders like them could only work under the umbrella of the uniform and did not believe in peoples power. He said the ANP government had nothing to do with the incidents in Abbotabad and an inquiry had been ordered to probe into the incident while severe punishment would be given to the culprits. Regarding the formation of a new province in case the people of Hazara are not pacified, he said the Pakhtunkhwa was the demand of the majority, and the situation prevailing in the country did not allow formation of new provinces at present; however, the ANP was not against the idea.