ISLAMABAD - A poor family has been forced for running from pillar to post to get justice against a feudal as on his order their son-in-law killed his wife in front of her father in the name of Koro Kari. This tragic incident took place in last September in village Molla Bux of Sindh province. The poor family on Monday visited TheNation office and revealed some shocking details of the incident. The father of the said girl namely Dhanni Bux said that he had visited her daughter Sanams house in 20th of Ramadan and demanded from her in-laws to allow Sanam to celebrate Eid with parents. On this, the uncle of his son-in-law feudal Jan Muhammad got enraged and asked how he dared to say that. According to Dhanni, the feudal ordered his nephew to kill Sanam and present her dead body to him as a gift. They held him hostage on gunpoint. All of sudden my son-in-law Wahid Bux with the help of his brothers Hussain Bux and Wakeel Bux killed my daughter with kicks, fists and wooden sticks and broke her neck, he said. After receiving the tortured dead body of Sanam he visited nearby police station - Main Di Ghaat - to register FIR against the above-mentioned people. The poor father told TheNation that SHO Rind Baloch refused to lodge FIR and demanded 30,000 for this purpose. After taking Rs 20,000 from me the SHO lodged FIR against the accused but in a cunning move he managed to save the feudal and registered very soft allegation against him. The poor family is currently living in Rawalpindi and uses to visit media organisations with the hope of getting justice. The poor family has appealed to Chief Justice of Pakistan and President of Pakistan who also belongs to Sindh to take notice of the incident and provide them justice.