Governor Punjab is a man of great vision and the province of Punjab has not seen anyone like him before. His statements are often full of wisdom and I for one think that all these gems that he comes up with every so often ought to be all collected in the form of a book. That would make for an even better reading than the Hikayat-i Saadi. Like all the wise men and women of this Land of the Pious, I am also a great admirer of President Asif Ali Zardari. The Governor Punjab and Mr Zardari are, in fact, two of our wisest men. The Governor Sindh is not too bad either, he being the other remaining legacy of President Musharraf in Governor Houses of the provinces. Many people have, lately, taken to forecasting about the future of Pakistan but none has been able to see in his crystal ball what our redoubtable Governor Punjab, Mr Salman Taseer sees in future. Its a vision that beats even Nostradamus hands down in its scope and sweep. Mr Taseer has looked into the pouring grains of sand to forecast that Asif Zardari it shall be who remains the President of Pakistanhold your breath till 2018. Now I have no fight with the President till 2018I wouldnt dare for the life of mebut here is one small caveat, a question if you will, that I might raise on the issue; why cant Mr Taseer revise his prophecy and make him President for life for the sake of the people of Pakistan, of course?-SHAIKH YADGAR NOORANI, Kharian, Aril 12.