ISLAMABAD (APP) Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has busted two illegal gateway exchanges in F-10 Markaz and F-11/4 areas of the capital. They confiscated all accessories and one person was arrested from the scene, said a press release issued here on Monday. The action was taken on the information obtained through PTAs facility which detects illegal telecom traffic. It may be noted that the PTA has launched a campaign against grey traffickers and established a team of highly technical professionals and dedicated workers to check their activities. The team monitors illegal activities on 24-hour basis and adopts different procedures and processes to apprehend culprits and to prevent losses to the national exchequer through illegal telecom business. Chairman PTA, Dr. Mohammed Yaseen appreciated the joint efforts of PTA and FIA teams and warned all those involved in the illegal telecom business to stop their activities otherwise PTA shall take strict action against them as per the law.