An article in news media has wrongly claimed that Pakistans Indus Water Commissioner has never said that India has consumed waters of western rivers in a manner that violates the Indus Water Treaty. That is not true. The Commissioner, Jamaat Ali Shah, is on record having said, With the construction of Baglihar dam in 2008, water from India to Marala was reduced from 55,000 to 38.000 cusecs. India has violated the Treaty with respect to the height of Baglihar dam and the consequent increase in size of the reservoir. To downplay this aspect is a disservice to the cause of Pakistan. I also wish to assert here that Indus is not owned by Sindh alone. This was true when five rivers flowed through Punjab. But with the loss of three rivers to India, the whole country has to subsist on the remaining three rivers, Indus being the only one having surplus flows from five big rivers-Kabul, Swat, Chitral, Haro and Sohan. Plus a major portion of the 30 million acre feet of monsoon flows. -KHURSHID ANWER, Lahore, April 9.