TO develop Employees Old Age Benefit Institutions into countrys most trusted and beneficial institution, EOBI has come with different variants to cater the needs of its registered insured persons (IPs). It provides financial assistance to millions of employed in industrial business and other institutions in their old age or in case of any physical disability. In view of unparallel development couple with the competitive environment during recent years, EOBI management strongly believes that for sustainable growth, improvement an expansion of social protection facilities shall play an increasingly important role. This enhance EOBI role further, which is a service-oriented organisation working to ameliorate the economic condition of registered employees in their old-age. EOBI provides old-age pension, survivors pension and invalidity pension to the registered workers but the benefits of Workers Welfare Fund (WWF) are also available to employees/workers registered with EOBI holding EOBI Registration Card. The worker with 15 years service at his credit can get Rs.3000/- per month as pension which can go up to 5000 depending on the length of service. EOBI is the only organisation which gives full pension to the survivors (widows) or deceased pensioners. The revolutionary steps announced by the Prime Minister of Pakistan at the eve of unveiling the Labor Policy 2010 pension has been allowed to unmarried daughters of deceased pensioners till their marriage, life time pension to the disabled children of deceased pensioners and applicability of EOB Act has been extended to contingent works of Statutory Organizations who were exempt from applicability of the Act. To transform EOBI into viable, progressive and self sustained organization, capable of providing retirement benefits to all citizens in service of Pakistan with active support of employees and employers to promote economic prosperity of stakeholders, EOB Act has been expanded to employers with five workers and above, exemption to banks and banking companies while carpet industries has been withdrawn. EOBI being the major contributor Alleviation Programme has always been striving to improve its services. EOBJ is also going through automation and modernisation phase. EOBI is improving its communication infrastructure and communication skills to meet the market demands. The time honored principle of first deserve and then desire has been observe. In this respect, appreciation goes to Chairman EOBI, Zafar Iqbal Gondal and his team who had been very helpful in bringing out the improvements in the institutions performance in all fields of activities. The rapid change could have not been possible without their full support. Recently, the institution has made the scheme applicable to the self employed persons. They may deposit their contribution at the authorize branch of National Bank of Pakistan. The employers and employees pay contribution @ 5pc and 1pc respectively the covered wages (presently Rs.7000/-) every monthly. The institution laces its funds, which are surplus after meeting the current obligations such as pension payments capital and management expenses in secured, safe and high yielding securities.