Well known Kashmiri leader, Chairman Jammu & Kashmir Liberation Front, Yasin Malik has said that if the world community continues to ignore the plight of people of the Valley struggling for their right of self-determination, they may be forced to adopt Taliban-like tactics and launch an armed struggle against the Indian occupation. He argued that over 100,000 men, women and children have sacrificed their lives for this cause. In his view, though India had a weak case it maintained its hold because of a strong pro-Indian lobby across the world. He said he had every faith that God would lead the Kashmiris to victory. Yasin Malik’s words carry great weight. On the one hand the Americans express concern for human rights in every conflicted area in the world, on the other, they are guilty of criminal neglect of blatant human rights violations in Kashmir and not exerting pressure on New Delhi to resolve the decades-old dispute. According to Yasin Malik, the Kashmiris’ struggle is indigenous in nature, but India blames Pakistan for all the ills in occupied Valley. It is depressing that the UN has long watched the worst kind of oppression from the Indian forces. It has disregarded the Security Council resolutions that call for holding UN-sponsored plebiscite allowing the Kashmiris to determine their future. How much more Kashmiri blood must be sacrificed to achieve this?