KARACHI - Muttahida Qaumi Movement chief Altaf Hussain said that he had applied for Pakistani passport and may return to country anytime .
Addressing the inauguration ceremony of Nazeer Hussain University here on Saturday evening, he informed that on April 4, 2014 he has applied for the CNIC and passport.
The party’s legal team would move the courts if my CNIC and passport is not processed in due course and will do what needs to be done, he added. He said the people could register their peaceful protest in case he was denied a passport.
Hussain citing the statements of some anchors who held Pakistan Army responsible for dilapidated condition of Pakistan and disintegration of the country in 1971, he said they were neither the friends of army nor the country.  
Talking about Musharraf treason trail, he demanded to hang all those who arrested Nawaz Sharif before the Musharraf plane landed. Those who were behind the trial of Musharraf, under the Article 6, had themselves accused of the same clause of the constitution. “Some were found guilty and others were not, how should I respect them. The people were disqualified because of the dual nationalities while some remains enjoy the same status,” he said. 
Earlier, in the inauguration speech, he said it was a great pleasure for him to inaugurate this university that had been named after his late father Nazeer Hussain. I envisioned about this university decades ago and the land was obtained for this institution 25 years ago.
He said the reason to establish this university was part of MQM’s vision to spread education and make it accessible as well as affordable for all.
Altaf informed that NHU is the only university in Pakistan that is offering courses in Solar Engineering and Urban Development. All NHU courses will be taught under the direct supervision of the academic team from the United Kingdom.
“Islam is undoubtedly a religion of peace but I feel ashamed to say that some of the religious clerics have distorted this peaceful image of Islam with their irresponsible actions.
Only two percent people in Pakistan are misusing Islam’s name and committing atrocities and suicide bombings in the name of Islam. The remaining 98 percent of Muslim population in Pakistan firmly believes in religious tolerance, co-existence, interfaith harmony and human respect,” he added.