PESHAWAR - Taliban Shura member Azam Tariq on Saturday claimed they had reconciled the dispute between the Taliban factions and the internal clashes would not affect the government-TTP dialogue process.
Talking to The Nation from an undisclosed location, the Taliban commander said the media had exaggerated the Taliban infighting and the casualties reported in this armed conflict were more than the actual number. He claimed these clashes had no links with the peace dialogue between the government and TTP.
He also dispelled the impression that one group of Taliban was against the peace dialogue, claiming the talks were heading in the right direction and all the matters would be resolved amicably soon.
He reiterated Taliban had resolved their internal clashes in a grand Jirga which was attended by tribal elders and senior Taliban leaders.
Talking to the Nation, KP Jamaat-e-Islami Amir Professor Ibrahim said he wanted early completion of the dialogue process as it was the only solution to all problems. He said it was part of their struggle to arrange a meeting of the two committees with Taliban , but it could not happen due to some pending issues.
He hoped the second round of talks would begin within next three days. He said the recent clashes had not affected the peace dialogue and Taliban had hinted at continuing the ongoing efforts for restoration of peace.
Prof Ibrahim the matters relating to exchange of prisoners would be discussed during the second crucial round of the dialogue. He added the second round would be held in a place acceptable to both the groups.
He noted the country was moving toward peace and the masses would soon hear good news of a durable peace.
On the other side, Taliban committee member, Maulana Yousuf Shah, said Saturday the committee had contacted Taliban council. Maulana Yousuf said the situation would be clear in two to three days.
Talking to media persons in Peshawar, Prof Ibrahim, member of the Taliban committee, expressed the hope that talks between the government and the TTP would resume soon.