Sialkot health department has started round-the-clock provision of healthcare services, especially the maternity health services at 25 basic health units in Sialkot, Daska and Sambrial tehsils.

Executive District Officer (Health) Dr Javaid Warraich disclosed this while talking to newsmen at his office. The EDO said that BHUs were selected by the Health Department because of poor road infrastructure of these areas and difficult accessibility of patients to other health facilities.

He said that healthcare related to maternity would be provided at the BHUs. Earlier, these BHUs had only morning shift, having no arrangements of delivery services. The female patients had to travel long to reach the nearby urban areas for gynea cases.

He said that the said round-the-clock maternity health services have been introduced in these BHUs for the first time in Sialkot district. The EDO added that in the next phase of the programme, the free medical health services especially the maternity health services would be expanded to all the 88 basic health units in Sialkot district.

He said that each of the 25 BHUs has been given a target of having at least 30 deliveries in a month. He said that the service had been started in BHUs of Raja Harpal, Daallowali, Bonkan, Muradpur, Jodheywali, Chhawonu Sulehriyaan, Variyo, Padaal, Uggoki and Joriyaan Kalan in Sialkot tehsil, five BHUs of Siraanwali, Glotiyaan, Aadamkey Cheema, Gojra and Jhaaraanwala in Daska tehsil, Saahowala, Dhaanaanwali, Randheer, Malkhaanwala, Bhopalwala in Sambrial tehsil, Qila Kalarwala, Ban Bajwa, Chobara, Kingra and Badiana in Pasrur tehsil.

He said that two security guards, two female servants and two lady health visitors (LHVs) each have also been deputed in the above-mentioned 25 BHUs.